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IWA Publishing joins the Independent Scholarly Publishers Group, adding 12 journals and Water Intelligence Online to the collection

Raleigh, NC (April 27, 2016) — IWA Publishing, a subsidiary of the International Water Association, has joined the Independent Scholarly Publishers Group (ISPG). Dragonfly Sales and Marketing Consulting, Inc., in the USA, announced this worldwide sales representation agreement today. Dragonfly provides global sales representation for the ISPG, a consortium of 23 health sciences, life sciences and environmental sciences publishers, who collectively publish over 60 high impact, high rated, peer-reviewed journals and three eBook collections. 12 of IWA Publishing’s journals and its renowned eBook collection, Water Intelligence Online (WIO), will be joining ISPG.

All of the ISPG journals and ebook collections are available on the HighWire platform. Hosting over 3,000 high-impact journals, books, and other scholarly publications, HighWire provides powerful technology solutions to influential societies, university presses and independent publishers.

Dragonfly sells ISPG content directly in the US, and Canada. ISPG is sold through collaboration with the following sales agents in the following territories:

  • Accucoms: Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North Africa, South Africa, Southeast Asia
  • Ollexi Publishing Services: Australia, New Zealand
  • USACO: Japan
  • Charlesworth: China

“We are thrilled to add IWA Publishing journals and Water Intelligence Online to ISPG and offer sales representation for such an extremely prestigious publishing program,” commented Tom Taylor, President of Dragonfly Sales and Marketing Consulting. “IWA publishes both journals and books that disseminate top-rate research and information on one of the most critical issues facing the world today — the preservation, delivery and sustainability of the world&rsqouo;s fresh water supply. We look forward to growing the IWA Publishing presence in research and policy libraries both domestically and internationally. Their content will provide an exciting new subject area to the already robust, highly regarded collection of ISPG content.”

“We are very excited to be working with Dragonfly Sales and Marketing and its strong network of sales agents,” added Rod Cookson, Managing Director of IWA Publishing. “Partnership with Dragonfly will significantly enhance IWA Publishing’s global reach, helping researchers and practitioners work towards a world in which water is wisely managed for all.”

For questions regarding subscriptions to IWA Publishing products, please contact Rod Cookson, Managing Director.

For questions regarding subscriptions to the Independent Scholarly Publishers Group, please contact Tom Taylor.

IWA Publishing

IWA Publishing supports and promotes high quality research about our most important resource — water. The organization publishes 13 Impact Factor journals, along with cutting edge books, reference works and professional manuals.

The Independent Scholarly Publishers Group (ISPG)

A collection and coalition of independent publishers of high-impact journals and related academic content, hosted on the HighWire platform, ISPG promotes, markets to, and negotiates with library consortia, hospitals and other organizations around the world.

Dragonfly Sales and Marketing Consulting, Inc.

Dragonfly provides the highest-quality sales and marketing services to academic publishing companies, societies and libraries internationally. Utilizing a global network of experienced professionals, Dragonfly directs the market development, launch, and sales of new and existing texts, represents societies and publishers to library consortia, and offers general sales and marketing services as needed.